Corporate culture at Business USA Corporation, like any other culture, is a set of behaviors and codes that we use as our guide-line. We express corporate culture in the design of offices, by what we wear to work, by how we communicate with each other, and in our titles. Our organization’s culture is not necessarily the company’s mission and list of values as spelled out on a plaque in the lobby. These are ideals, which may or may not be manifest in our corporate culture.

Corporate CultureValues are the bedrock of Business USA Corporation culture. Our values provide a sense of common direction for all employees and guidelines for their day-to-day behavior. In fact, we think that our company succeeds because our employees can identify, embrace, and act on the values of the organization. The culture at our organization operates at both conscious and unconscious levels. At its most basic, it involves deeply rooted beliefs, values, and norms held by our members. These are the values we discuss, promote, and try to live by. Corporate culture is profoundly shaped by the company’s leader and senior managers. We tend to live by what we preach.

Our corporate culture on the moral, social, and behavioral norms of our organization is based on the beliefs, attitudes, and
values of our founders. We have worked hard to maintain it over the years. Business USA Corporation's corporate culture is based on respect for others, a sense of community, quality customer service and efficiency. It has been developed and
maintained through extensive training of managers and employees. Business USA Corporation's growth and success over the years has been due in large part to its culture. We spend a lot of time with our people and communicate with them in a variety of ways which will eliminate ineffective communications. We encourage our employees to be more responsible and act and think like owners. In this way, we are able to provide the best service for our clients at all times.


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